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Eating across the Crossroads

Published June 5, 2024


The Crossroads Carmel is a go-to place for good local food, so to that end I toured all of the recommended restaurants to compile a field report of some of the best restaurants in the area. Many of them are community staples that locals would recognize, while others may be underappreciated. There are many other locations in the Crossroads, but hopefully this provides a snapshot of delicious local options.

R.G. Burgers is a Crossroads classic with delicious burgers and shakes. (photo by ALEXANDER FREDERICK)

R.G. Burgers is a staple with a wide variety, from a regular burger to grilled pineapple burgers or breakfast burgers. The restaurant is small and homey with music playing and pictures of ketchup bottles on the walls. Milkshakes are served in a big metal cup with a spoon–of course they’re good. Many of the burgers approach the $20 mark, and with the addition of a shake or a side, it’s easy to end up paying over $30 for lunch or dinner. That said, it is a classic for a reason. Its atmosphere, obvious location, and good food make it one of the best in the Crossroads.

China Delight in the Crossroads has well priced meals and tasty food. (photo by ALEXANDER FREDERICK)

A distinctly blue restaurant in the Crossroads, China Delight is one of the best-kept secrets in the area, a perfect destination for locals interested in quick service and a relaxed atmosphere. The food is, for the area, inexpensive, and the wonton soup is excellent–so are the majority of meat options. They offer different combinations of duck, pork, chicken, and beef. A great option for those who haven’t tried it yet.

Crossroads BBQ has delicious sandwiches and brisket. (photo by ALEXANDER FREDERICK)

Crossroads BBQ? Get the brisket sandwich. The brisket is flavorful and melts in your mouth, and the bread is soft and absorbs sauce well. Most items on the menu are reasonably priced, and it’s probably the restaurant that’s easiest to sit down and enjoy food in. Service is a little slower than its neighbors, but they are also noticeably busier. It’s busy for a reason, though, and an excellent place to eat in or take food home from.

Adjacent to R.G. Burgers is Island Taco, a small Mexican restaurant that boasts massive burritos and savory rice bowls. Burritos come in at around $15, but they are gargantuan. Island Taco is an excellent option because of the portion size and quick service.

Island Taco has huge burritos for reasonable prices with quality ingredients. (photo by ALEXANDER FREDERICK)


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