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An in-depth ranking of fast food fries

Published June 5, 2024


Even though they seem simple, there are many different factors that can make or break a fry. This ranking dives deep into the three most important aspects of a fry: appearance, texture and flavor. From the mouth-watering taste to the ideal crunch, we’re uncovering the champion of fast-food fries and which ones you should steer clear of.

Burger King (photos by CASSIDY SCHEID)


Burger King

Eating Burger King fries is like munching on crunchy air. Their crispness is nice, but it doesn’t matter because they taste like nothing. With barely a sprinkle of salt, these are extremely disappointing. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you for choosing a different fry destination. 




These fries are the epitome of mediocrity. They aren’t terrible, but their texture is all over the place. When crispy, they’re way too dry; when not, they’re limp and lifeless, two things that a fry shouldn’t be. As for flavor, they’re decent, but it’s nothing special.




Although they appear underwhelming, McDonald’s fries are surprisingly delicious. Despite their weak appearance, they deliver a genuine potato flavor that is unexpected from this fast-food chain. While they lack crispiness, they somehow manage to make it work and are overall a tasty, satisfying fry.




KFC’s fries’ flavor lives up to their mouth-watering, golden-brown appearance. Perfectly seasoned, they deliver a taste that is downright amazing. However, a slight sogginess knocks down their score a bit. Despite this textural flaw, they are still a flavorful and enjoyable fry.


Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box

With their crisp, appetizing exterior, Jack in the Box created an iconic curly fry that excels in every way. They have a perfect balance, delivering a satisfying crunch without being overly dry and are flavorfully seasoned, yet a touch more salt wouldn’t hurt. Nevertheless, these curly masterpieces leave you craving more.


Five Guys

Five Guys

One thing is certain: Five Guys knows how to make great fries. Imagine a crispy, perfectly fried exterior that gives way to a soft, fluffy interior which is not dry in the slightest. Their fresh taste makes you truly believe that these fries are made from real potatoes. Being consistently and heavily salted, these fries set the bar sky-high for all the rest of the fast-food chains to follow.



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