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A ‘thank you’ to our seniors

Published June 5, 2024

The 2023-24 school year is coming to a close, which means we have reached that bittersweet time to wish our Sandpiper seniors well in their future endeavors, whatever they may be. The dedication, talent, and impact on The Sandpiper that our three seniors had this year was greatly appreciated. On behalf of the entire Sandpiper team, thank you for your immense contributions to the paper during your time on staff!

Shayla, Grayden and Sara (from left) have contributed excellent work to The Sandpiper and will be greatly missed. (photo by AVERY PALSHAW)

Shayla Dutta

Shayla is a three-year staff member and first-year co-editor of The Sandpiper. Her diligence on layout has been of great importance to the paper this year, but more importantly, Shayla has truly stepped up as a mentor for the younger staff writers, as she’s always willing to stop what she’s working on to aid or guide other students to success. Unafraid to take on any feather-ruffling stories, she has covered just about everything from district investigations to features on CHS staff and community members to sweet treat reviews. 

A highly involved scholar, Shayla managed balancing being an editor as well as being president of CHS Mock Trial this year. As Mr. Palshaw likes to joke, Shayla has the soul of a wise adult trapped inside an 18-year-old’s body, for she is reliable and responsible, a rare trait among adolescents. She is an absolute gem. While saying goodbye to Shayla will collectively sting the Sandpiper staff, she is bound to move on to great things at Tufts University outside of Boston as an International Relations major. 

Sara Eyjolfsdottir

Sara is another three-year member and co-editor of the paper. After being on staff for the first semester of her sophomore year, Sara moved back to Iceland for her second semester. Rather than playing it safe when she came back in the fall of her junior year, she became increasingly involved with The Sandpiper. Sara excels at covering stories regarding the arts along with music, yet she never closes herself off to exploring unfamiliar topics, making her a vital staff member. 

Her calm, even-tempered demeanor serves as a “peacekeeper” for our, at times, chaotic class, and she manages to work well under pressure, a crucial skill in a deadline-oriented environment. In moments when the entire class is partaking in a heated debate, Sara remains unphased and focused on her work. Though we may not miss attempting to spell her last name in print, we will certainly deeply miss Sara. Harvard University will be gaining both a committed student and a kind person when Sara enrolls next year as a Neuroscience major.

Grayden Miller

A two-year staff writer and social media manager, Grayden has taken on a great deal of important stories, many of human interest or community oriented, during her time on the Sandpiper staff. There is genuinely never a dull moment with Grayden, and the vibrant humor that she brings to our staff will be sorely missed. Her passionate debates with Mr. Palshaw and witty comments during budget meetings add such liveliness to class each day. Next school year simply will not be the same without her! 

Entering the class as a junior, she immediately showed unteachable enthusiasm for journalism and since then has never shied away from taking on challenging stories. This fall, she will attend American University in Washington, D.C., where she intends to major in journalism and inspire change on a larger scale. Good luck, Grayden! We wish you all the best in your journey to come!


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