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‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ documentary showcases amazing stage presence and vocals

Published Nov. 6, 2023


The movie adapted from Taylor Swift’s concert, “The Eras Tour” directed by Sam Wrench, has been filmed and transformed to play on the big screen with breathtaking visuals, multiple costume changes and beautiful set designs.

The film was released Oct. 13 with Taylor Swift encouraging fans to dress up and treat the movie as a concert, many theaters filled with singing, dancing and trading of friendship bracelets, a tradition that started at “The Eras Tour.” Many fan-made chants also appear both in the film and by the theater audience. This has created a fun environment where the movie is more than just a show, it is an event. 

Showcasing a representation of Swift’s music career from her first self-named album to her latest, “Midnights,” the film demonstrates something the artist is known for, her in-depth storytelling and lyricism, and their progressive evolution throughout the years.

The Eras Tour (photo by PAOLO V)

The concert tour showcases songs from many of Swift’s eras and albums, which are reflected in the film, alongside onstage footage, computer-generated imagery and fan reactions. The film is set up in segments, each segment representing a different album. With breathtaking transitions, like the one for “reputation,” the clear signals for the start and end of each era are appreciated. 

Another indication of the separate eras is Swift’s custom-made costumes as she switches them 13 times throughout the documentary. Along with the costumes are beautiful set designs that really capture the essence of each album, like the cottage for “folklore.” A common feature utilized by Swift and her backup dancers is the raising platform in the center of the stage which showcases her dramatics and incredible stage presence. The lifted platform is used during songs like “…Ready For It?” and “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince.”

Swift’s powerful vocals are another contributing factor to the film’s praise, especially in the songs “Don’t Blame Me” from the “reputation” set and “Enchanted” from the “Speak Now” set.

Although the film is long, coming in at two hours and 50 minutes, many songs are cut out from the original concert. Many fan favorites, such as “The Archer” from “Lover,” “cardigan” from “folklore” and “Long Live” from “Speak Now,” do not make the final result, which is disappointing.

With hopes of a tour documentary from fans since the concert started, opening weekend amassed $92.8 million in box office sales, according to Screen Rant, breaking the record for the biggest concert opening weekend. The movie itself has also already grossed $200 million worldwide, surpassing any other concert film made.


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