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Four engrossing new courses to be included in 2024-25 CHS curriculum

Published March 7, 2024


Carmel High School will be introducing four new courses for the 2024-25 school year, including Biotechnology, MPC Business I, MPC Business II and Unified Physical Education, allowing time for current students to select their courses for next year by the March 9 deadline. 

Students looking to explore a specific interest or those pursuing business, sciences or human resources are encouraged to take one of the four courses. Principal Libby Duethman says these classes will provide students with more choices to further their career pathways. 

MPC Business I

As a semester-long introduction course to business, Business I will cover the fundamentals of management theory, human resources, marketing practices, entrepreneurship, and how to apply related skills to real life situations. Business I will be available to students of all grade levels and will provide students with a semester of college credit, as the course is run through Monterey Peninsula College. It also counts as a Career and Technology Education course, meaning that it serves as a pathway to success and offers high school students the opportunity to personalize their education based on their career path. 

“[MPC Business] allows students of all grade levels to really dive into something they’re interested in and see if there’s any passion there.” says CHS counselor Jeff Rogers. “Passions start with interest.”

For students interested in pursuing business or even those desiring a basic understanding of managing business matters as an adult, Business I is anticipated to enable students with the skills to do so. 

MPC Business II

New Courses (graphic by AVERY PALSHAW)

Business II differs from Business I in the sense that it delves into marketing more specifically, teaching students how to develop a product and market it to the public. Being the next step after completing Business I, Business II is also a dual-enrollment and semester-long course, allowing students to take both classes in a single school year. 

Both business courses have been available to students as online courses through MPC, but the hope among CHS admin is that by giving students the opportunity to take the courses in person, more will be inclined to sign up.

“Actionable tools such as marketing research and target marketing are learned through study and application,” states the 2024-25 CHS Course Guide. “The course includes work based learning opportunities, including mentorship, job shadowing and micro-internships.”

As of now, it is uncertain who will teach Business I and II, yet special education teacher Kiera Benidettino is a potential candidate for the position, as she already possesses a Master’s in Business Administration certificate. 


Biotechnology is open to students in grades 10-12 and is a CTE course, which may allow students to eventually earn a certification by taking it. Whereas other science courses at CHS are more theory-based, requiring students to study material then take tests on it, Biotechnology relates directly to the hands-on research seen in the biotechnology industry. 

The course will also be the second Biotechnology class offered to public high school students in Monterey County, Monterey High School organizing the first. 

Proposed by anatomy teacher Mishele Newkirk-Smith, who will likely teach the course next year, Biotechnology covers technology used in agriculture, human DNA manipulation and pharmaceuticals in a laboratory setting that lets students gain hands-on experience. 

“When [students] get to college, these are the labs they’re going to be doing and at the same level,” explains Newkirk-Smith. “Students will have experience with the equipment, and they’ll understand the material.”

The enthusiastic science teacher says she will be working alongside a board of experts in the biotechnology field as they also advise her on the valuable skills she will be teaching. 

Unified Physical Education 

In Unified P.E., students in grades 11 and 12 will be given the chance to work one-on-one with students with disabilities. Those enrolled in the class are going to be pairing up with a student with a disability, teaching them skills through collaborative activities and learning how to work with their different disabilities. 

The course follows the California framework for physical education, meaning that students will be participating in activities such as basketball, aquatics, volleyball, fitness, weight training, dance and tumbling. 

“For the students taking my class, it’s a great leadership opportunity, and it’s great for students who may be interested in teaching some day,” says special education teacher Erin Tarr, who will be teaching Unified P.E. in the upcoming school year. 

According to Rogers, Unified P.E. currently goes towards students’ elective credits, but it potentially could become an A-G elective, which counts towards students’ ability to apply to California State University and University of California systems. 

More information about these courses can be found at carmelunified.org under the CHS Academic Counseling page.


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