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CHS robotics team prepares for future after Monterey Bay Regional

Published April 1, 2024


Following the Monterey Bay Regional in late March, Carmel High School’s robotics team, Team 2035, is reflecting on their experiences in an effort to continue growing and improving the program.

The team competed March 29-30 at Salinas High School in a game-style competition designed around obtaining and collecting plastic rings using a variety of innovative mechanical parts. Now, the club is preparing for the coming year.

“The club is very enjoyable if you have an interest in technology,” junior Landon Noble says. “And you don’t need any experience.”

Team 2035 gets together for competition at Silicon Valley. (photo by JOHN CLYMER)

With separate departments specializing in machining, electronics, marketing and coding, students work seamlessly together to tackle complex challenges.

Although it’s a positive experience, some members would like to see improvements for the program.

“Some of the changes I would like to see for this club would mainly be more time to build the robot,”  sophomore Ross Lykken says. “But robotics is not that hard, and if you have any interest, you should show up and learn a little about STEM and the engineering process.” 

Looking towards the future, CHS’ AP Computer Science teacher and robotics adviser John Clymer envisions further growth and specialization, with plans to expand departments and introduce new areas of focus, such as a dedicated computer-aided design department. The team is also considering splitting the programming electrical department into two, allowing students to pursue their specific interests more effectively.

The CHS robotics team in action at the Silicon Valley Competition on March 3. (photo by JOHN CLYMER)

“We want to include more people in planning and organization,” Clymer says, “ to follow the engineering process smoother. What I think would be really helpful is if we had a mechanical engineer as a mentor. They could look over our CAD work and give us feedback.” 

Despite facing challenges in the past, such as an unsatisfactory drivetrain during the Silicon Valley Regional, held in the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, where they landed 18th out of 42 teams, they are hoping to have rectified the previously mismatched parts.

During the Silicon Valley Regional, the team realized their drivetrain did not work very well due to mismatched parts, so to fix this problem they decided to buy all the parts from the same company.   

As the robotics team embarks on their journey towards success, guided by Clymer’s leadership and the collective passion of its members, the future looks bright for innovation and collaboration at CHS.

“Robotics is a unique club,” Clymer explains. “You have many different people working together to try and produce a large scale product.”


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