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Yafa dazzles taste buds with authentic Greek cuisine

For authentic Greek and a cozy atmosphere, Yafa is the place to go. Located in downtown Carmel, this tiny one room Greek restaurant is bursting with big flavors. Opa!
The menu displays a large variety of authentic Greek entrees, including tabouli, mishmash chicken and meat kebabs. These rolls of meat are served with a fresh tabbouleh salad and yogurt sauce. The tabbouleh salad and yogurt sauce bring crisp fresh taste to the dish which satisfies the taste buds with a variety of flavors and textures.

After perusing the menu, you are served warm bread and a dip made of feta and sundried tomatoes, which is simply delightful and quite addicting.
When I hear Greek, I think hummus, and one of Yafa’s most popular appetizers, freshly made pita and hummus, is a must-have. The pita is warm and fluffy, nothing like those hard pitas you buy at the local food store. They pair perfectly with their smooth hummus, topped perfectly with a touch of olive oil.

While munching on appetizers, customers must be ready for an on-the-spot drum solo. As one of the waiters begins to play the drum, members of the staff begin to sing and customers are encouraged to clap along, adding a festive touch to the meal.

To top off this Greek feast, there are delectable deserts. If you’re looking for something different, the Floating Island is the way to go. This almond-topped meringue is served floating on top of a sea of sweet vanilla sauce. Taking a bite into it, you don’t know what to expect. Simply put, it is like taking a bite of vanilla clouds. The huge spoonful you saw going into your mouth disappears into thin air, confusing your mouth with its trickery. This is a sure way to finish off your meal on a sweet note.

Yafa is as authentic Greek as you can get while staying in Carmel, and although they might break the average high schooler’s bank, it’s worth taking your parents to for a delicious and fun meal.

Yafa is located at the intersection of Junipero Street and 5th Avenue in downtown Carmel.


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