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Wisconsin native composes debut song about time as an untraditional CHS senior

Published May 28, 2021


With an unconventional school year coming to a close, Carmel High School senior and Wisconsin native Kate Bernecker, known as stage name “Kate Grey,” reflects on her short time at CHS through musical composition. 

Alongside numerous other musical compositions, “Class of 2021” has remained a highlight for Bernecker. (courtesy of Kate Bernecker)

Bernecker’s debut single “Class of 2021” was inspired by a spontaneous game of capture the flag that occurred prior to CHS’ campus reopening April 19, which served as both a social and reflective opportunity for the up-and-coming artist. 

“I didn’t know anyone there since I was a new student, but I felt so welcomed since everyone was so grateful to have this time,” says Bernecker. “Someone in our group, I’m not sure who, expressed his gratitude for this somewhat spontaneous game with his favorite people.”

Of course, composing and performing music is nothing new to the musician, as Bernecker has dabbled with the piano, the flute, and the violin and even participated in Wisconsin’s highly-accredited Lawrence Academy Girls’ Choir for numerous years, all of which worked toward the young artist’s advantage in composing “Class of 2021.”

“I’ve always loved music all around and have been into my whole life,” says Bernecker. “My mom brought me to music classes when I was young, which trained my ear to compose music.” 

Afterward, Bernecker had the phrase, “Why can’t we have a little fun, Class of 2021?” going through her head while driving home.

“I wanted to convey the truth to what at least I was feeling during the pandemic with school and everything,” says Bernecker. “The song was written for the people who inspired me who were also so grateful to be together.”

“Class of 2021” and other compositions by Bernecker can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, or anywhere else you get your music.

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