“To the Woman I Never Knew,”

By Ellah Foster, CHS sophomore —

To the Woman I Never Knew,


I have a few questions.


Who was your first love?

What was his name?


What was your favorite color?

Mine’s blue.


Did you ever have a favorite student?

I hear all teachers do.


Did you think you looked pretty with your hair pulled back

Or down, tucked behind your ears?


What was your favorite part of motherhood?

I bet your children long for you.


Can you still hear the music you loved, deep in your soul

Same as you did when you were here?


How many protests did you go to?

Do you wish you had joined just one more, on the day you passed?


I’ll ask you now,

Can you see how much you’re missed?


Flowers at your classroom,

References I’ll never understand,

So many notes written, so many tears shed.


I felt like an outsider,

But I cried nonetheless


For a loss I did not grieve

For a life I did not know.


But I know now

As if it does either of us any good

That I would’ve loved you,


So I’m crying once again.