“She kick started a fire in my soul”

By Dante Ponce Rangel, CHS Class of 2014 —


She kick started a fire in my soul

Teaching me a tool to cleanse my mind

That’ll last a life time


That’s how I will remember her

Not to mention the presence of a passionate soul with a hand reached out for those who needed the lift


I write out to you, Ms. Grummon

I will never forget your keen blue eyes

I will always hear your voice every time I read Edgar Allan Poe

Your spoken word perfected in my mind, the raven he writes about


You hardly knew us

But your generosity I’m sure, helped my mother far more than you ever knew

But that’s not how I’m going to remember you


Passion-filled blue eyes, spoken word, loving, tall personality, thin, always reached those in need


Your voice when I read


The Raven