No Sugarcoating

By Bill Schrier, CHS history teacher —

Three years ago science teacher Jason Maas-Baldwin asked me to model a “Buddy Intro” on the Carmel High desert trip by having me introduce Whitney to the group. MB, I owe you big time for that. Big time.

Part of my intro was to tell a story. It was about the time I was helping Whitney coach soccer during a game versus Pacific Grove, and I was chewing on the P.G. coach while he was chewing on me. After a few back and forths, Whitney glanced in my direction and bellowed in one of the most authoritative voices I’ve ever heard, “DON’T ENGAGE!”  The power that emanated from her tiny frame was astonishing. I stopped engaging. Instantly.

That was one of the ways I got to experience Whitney.  She was powerful, concise, and direct. She called it like she saw it. No sugarcoating. I admired and respected that so much. I know I am a better teacher and coach because of her influence.