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Volleyball star plans for nursing career

When he’s not on the volleyball court demonstrating his athletic abilities, he’s on the sidelines taking care of injuries.

CHS senior Tyler Boylan has been described as the “jack of all trades” by his volleyball coach Brodie Greer. Boylan is able to balance his time between a variety of sports, academic responsibilities, jobs and, of course, personal relationships.

“Tyler possesses the best of both worlds,” Greer says. “He is a compassionate and empathetic soul, and at the same time he is a fierce and relentless competitor on the volleyball court.”

Although he has played a wide range of sports including soccer, golf and football, Boylan says that volleyball is his favorite. The two-year defensive MVP has played on the CHS team since his freshman year, in addition to playing on numerous club volleyball teams in the off-season.

However, the athlete chose to not take part in a club team during the fall of his senior year and instead found a job.

“It was a difficult decision,” Boylan says. “I still tried out for the club teams that I wanted to play for, but I decided that the job was more important to me, since I have more of my own expenses that I need to pay for this year.”

The Carmel local spent the off-season working at the Corkscrew Cafe, where he currently serves as a back waiter. Previously, he worked as a barista at Fro n’ Joe in Carmel Valley Village his junior year.

Along with managing his time between work and athletics, Boylan is also a dedicated student. Some of his favorite classes at CHS are Sports Medicine and Anatomy, which he says have led him to an interest in nursing.

“The Sports Medicine class at CHS is what really inspired me to go into the medical field,” the senior adds. “It made me interested in healthcare and the medical field.”

Anatomy teacher Matt Borek believes Boylan’s personality to be fitting for the healthcare sector.

“Tyler is a respectful young man who puts others before himself,” Borek says. “He’s taking the right classes for what he wants to do, but I think his personality is what will really make him succeed in a caregiving profession.”

Boylan’s interest in certain academic classes is not the only reason why he is passionate about helping others. He has spent the majority of his life caring for his father, who has been in and out of the hospital for surgeries stemming from his diabetes and various allergies.

“Growing up with my dad and seeing him struggle has made me realize how grateful I am and has made me want to help him in any way I can,” Boylan explains.

Indeed, the aspiring nurse strives to help others in situations within and outside of his household. After spending countless hours as a volunteer for the CHS girls’ volleyball team, Boylan was granted the Presidential Community Service Award in recognition of his efforts.

“Tyler is always there for me when I need him,” Boylan’s close friend Ezra Delbick remarks. “He always knows how to help.”

Boylan hopes to carry his desire to care for others into college and plans to major in nursing, San Diego State University being his top choice. In addition to obtaining a degree, Boylan hopes to get certified as an Emergency Medical Technician over the summer before college to gain more experience within the medical field.

“I want to be able to impact not only a patient, but his or her entire family,” Boylan says. “I want to help people on a personal level because I find that the most rewarding type of interaction.”

-Jessica DiLullo

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