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Time to reflect


As I stare out my window into the cloudy gray mist that surrounds the greenery, I reflect on my seemingly endless years in school. Not once this year did I ever anticipate missing going to school. I find myself often reminiscent of the days where I would sit in the warm classroom and listen to interesting lectures. 

One thing this has taught me is that I do not prefer online class to real-life class. Something about engaging with people in person and real-life lectures makes it so much better than watching through a Chromebook screen. If this has taught the world anything, it is that human interaction is a need that is so under-appreciated. I long for the days when I would see my classmates, along with my coworkers, every day. 

Physical distancing has been a lot like entering a time warp. Staying at home seems to induce the feeling that time has no meaning. Days blend into nights and weekdays completely disappear. What used to be called Friday is now just Day 15. 

Looking back, I really am starting to appreciate what we had and to long for the days when human contact was an everyday occurrence. While this is a small price to pay for saving lives, it’s truly scary times right now. Perphas people have not felt this scared since the Great Depression, and while some people are either in denial or completely panicked, no one is immune to the health and economic threat swallowing up the world right now. 

When I think about the likelihood of upcoming high school events like the senior trip, prom and graduation being canceled, it’s a huge loss of some exciting memories–but a small price to pay to protect our community. 

At this time, it feels important to remember what is truly important. I find myself reevaluating my life and trying to take this opportunity to reset. I wish everyone safety and sanity as we continue to walk in the dark.

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