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Three-sport athlete excels on and off the court


The whistle blows and Carmel High junior Erin Trotter has just wrapped up yet another productive practice. After an extremely strenuous workout, the Carmel resident looks completely unbothered, the sensational student, athlete and musician well known for her athletic talent and outstanding attitude.

Trotter exemplifies sportsmanship and character, and juggling roles as a three-sport varsity athlete and full-time student, she’s always on top of things, whether she’s on to her next meet, match, game or class.

With endless swim meets, basketball games, water polo matches and rigorous classes, it’s no doubt that Trotter has quite the schedule.

“Typically in a day I will get up and go to school, then go to practice right after school, then come home, eat and then try to finish all my homework before I go to bed,” the varsity athlete says. “Being a student-athlete is all about time management.”

All of these events require focus and determination, which Trotter juggles while still managing to find the time to do things like family outings or read. With an extremely rigorous academic schedule and constantly being in a full-time varsity sport, Trotter rarely finds herself with free time, but when she does, she loves to go outside.

“I like to go to the beach to bodyboard and read when I can,” the three-sport athlete says about her free time.

Trotter is involved in water polo, basketball and swimming, also balancing involvement as a member of the CHS music program. She has played varsity in every sport as a underclassman, a noteworthy accomplishment.

Though being a freshman or sophomore on a varsity sports team in high school can be humbling and quite the challenge, Trotter has managed this many times, being a standout player on every team she’s competed on.

“Being on a team has taught me that people need to work together in order to accomplish anything noteworthy,” Trotter explains.

The athlete consistently displays sportsmanship and respect, never failing to show up for her teammates nor missing a practice.

Trotter shows leadership not only on the court, but in the band room too.

“Erin always shows up,” says Addy Carly, a teammate of Trotter’s. “She is just someone you can always count on, no matter what.”

In addition to sports, Trotter also excels in her classes. The three-sport athlete takes multiple classes at the AP level and has an interest in the sciences.

“The classes that I take the most interest in are Physics, Calculus and AP Biology because I love science and I’m planning on either going into a pre-med program in college or a bio-engineering program,” Trotter explains.

With so many outstanding accomplishments piling up on Trotter’s résumé already, the athlete has a bright and exciting future.

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