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Three new releases, three different verdicts


A look at this autumn in music

As fall comes to a close and winter creeps in on us, it’s necessary to take a look back on this season’s biggest releases. To be quite honest, this fall wasn’t too hot in the realm of music. We saw lackluster projects from some of SoundCloud’s finest, bland filler songs from Lil Wayne’s return and a simple lack of bops.

Despite this musical drought, the gems of music prevailed with the alternative genre having a great season. Here are a few of this fall’s best and worst albums.

“Nuthin’ to Prove” Lil Yachty

This October release was hyped–Yachty was expected to make a blazing return to the rap game after a series of some of the worst albums put out in the genre. I’ll be honest: I was excited to hear this project from the Atlanta native, but after the first couple of listens, I was severely unimpressed. Songs like “I’m the Mac” find Lil Boat repeating a bland, horrible hook (literally “I’m the Mac” over and over again), leaving me wanting more. Although the album is 15 songs long, it’s clear that Yachty wasn’t putting his best effort in, unlike the quality of his debut mixtape or singles. 3/10

“Suncity” – Khalid

Khalid has been an industry giant since his breakout singles stuck in everyone’s mind in the summer of 2016. Since the release of his fantastic debut album, “American Teen,” Khalid has quickly fallen into a sketchy series of brand deals, campaigns and partnerships that led fans to consider the El Paso native as one who has turned to the dark side. Surviving the criticism, Khalid has returned with his own new solo project, “Suncity.” The 21-minute, seven-song EP centers on Khalid’s home town, El Paso. While Khalid’s voice is still beautiful and his melodies still impress, we all know it won’t last long. This EP is forgettable, full of filler tracks, and left me with almost no hope of another powerful album coming from the R&B youngun. Is this album good? Sure. Is it promising? Nope. 5/10

“Mirror Master”Young the Giant

Now this is some good music. Young the Giant, a five-member alternative rock group that broke onto the scene in 2010, has returned with their first release since their 2016 project, “Home of the Strange.” One of the most important aspects of YTG is their pure consistency, and “Mirror Master” is no exception. Loud drums and a more folky guitar filled the songs of this 12-piece work, as YTG focused their art into a more refined version of “Strange.” The album hits upbeat moods on tracks like “Superposition” and features tearjerkers like “Oblivion” and “Call me Back.” “Mirror Master” is truly one of the best Alternative albums to come out this year. 8/10

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