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Theater to screen presidential debates

With the presidential debates rapidly approaching, the CHS social studies department has decided to show the debates in the Center for the Performing Arts for interested students.

According to AP Government and Politics teacher Bill Schrier, the idea came up during a social studies department meeting. Members of the department say at this point that seniors will have priority over the free tickets, and the leftover tickets will go to those who claim them first.

So far, the debates are “only a plan,” Schrier says, although he believes they will happen. At the moment, the teachers are communicating with the technology coordinators to make sure the show or shows go off without a hitch.

The debates are being shown in the theater in order to teach students about the government in a setting with peers so they can discuss and learn from one another. This is how social studies teachers want to encourage students to learn about the government.

Senior Parker Levinson agrees that the debates are going to be a beneficial addition to the election experience.

“It strikes so many chords at home,” Levinson says. “The debates are so influential to your daily life.”

For the seniors, being a part of the election this year provides them with ample education about our government, and the debates are an opportunity to learn and discuss U.S. government with peers.

“You don’t get that if you just read the headlines,” Levinson says.

The seniors have also been taught that knowledge is power.

“It is of the utmost importance to keep the soon-to-be voters aware of the election and the candidates, and the showing of the presidential debates provides a perfect avenue for those voters,” senior Daniel Westerman says.

Planning for the debates is still in the works, but it is clear that the student body and teachers are willing and excited about making the showings happen.

If the debates happen, they will air on Oct. 3, 11, 16 and 22.

-Emma Fuzie-

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