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Study spots around the peninsula

Published May 12, 2022


As AP tests wrap up and finals rapidly approach, many students are in need of a quiet place to study. These coffee shops on the Monterey Peninsula offer the optimum location for hitting the books. 

(photos by EMMA BROWN)

The Bookworks 

667 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove

Tucked away in the corner of downtown Pacific Grove, The Bookworks is the perfect safe haven for any student in need of a place to study. A combined bookstore and coffee shop, the cafe offers an impressive selection of coffee and tea drinks, including a delicious honey lavender latte, to sip on while working on that final essay you’ve been procrastinating. 

Be sure to ask for your drink “for here”…and with no whipped cream in order to ensure maximum foam. With a wide array of tables, couches and comfortable chairs, The Bookworks has a spot for everyone, and seats are rarely all filled. The store offers students a quiet hideaway, with peaceful patrons often reading the newspaper early in the mornings and an occasional coffee drop-in later in the day. 

Quiet music, stable wifi, the sweet scent of pastries and delicious coffee create the ideal study spot for any student in need of a palace of focus. 

The Carmel Coffee House and Roasting Company

Ocean Avenue between San Carlos and Dolores, Carmel

Hidden behind the usual suspects of retail stores, the Carmel Coffee House and Roasting Company offers students a place to study that is free of the bustle typical of downtown Carmel. 

Located just off of Ocean Avenue, one might expect the coffee shop to be packed with patrons, as many other cafes are, but the hidden nature of the spot has made it one of Carmel’s best kept secrets. With both indoor and outdoor seating, students can select whether the sun or shade suits them best as they hit the books. 

The beauty of the store is the solitude that it offers. Due to slow foot traffic compared to other downtown stores, the Carmel Coffee House guarantees every student a spot to study and sip coffee. While working, make sure to nibble on their muffins, they’re divine!

Counterpoint Coffee 

565 Broadway Ave, Seaside

Though it’s a bit of a commute from Carmel, Counterpoint Coffee in Seaside is the hipster cafe of a student’s dreams. 

With cool concrete walls and a grunge aesthetic, the store creates a calming vibe, making it the perfect location to crack down on that anxiety-causing essay. Delicious coffees, artisanal drinks and a wide selection of croissants and tarts can keep anyone occupied for hours. Heart-topped beverages are sure to soothe the soul, as well as remind the customers of the genuine care that every exceptionally friendly barista makes each drink with. 

The small selection of seating makes Counterpoint a competitive venue, so be prepared to battle it out for a table! Despite this, the coffee house offers a relaxing atmosphere with the added perk of its distance from Carmel High School, making you nearly anonymous and unlikely to run into any peers.

East Village Cafe

498 Washington St, Monterey

Similar to Counterpoint, East Village Cafe is a bit of a trek from Carmel, but the ambiance of the store makes the journey well worth it. 

The stoney structure of the building creates a medieval vibe, making it easy for students to transport themselves into a castle far away from the stress of studying. While the food at the cafe is positively delightful, the coffee is really what one should call home about. The espresso is perfectly smooth with the right amount of sweetness, creating the ideal blend for any drink. 

Of all of the previously mentioned coffee shops, East Village Cafe offers the greatest amount of seating, with a wide array of tables to choose from, spanning both inside and outside the cafe.


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