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Students hungry for restock of vending machines


As of the middle of November, the Carmel High vending machines located near the cafeteria had yet to be stocked, and students are eager to regain access to them.

“I was sitting in the Sports Med classroom after school one day and was really craving something sweet, then I thought to myself, ‘Too bad the vending machines are still empty,’” senior Morgan Bonfante recounts.

Stories like this flood the halls of CHS, yet the vending machines on campus remain empty.

But Mary Pheifer-Jennings, the new director of nutrition services at CHS, says the plan is to start stocking the machines sometime in November.

“We had to [first] set up vendors and complete food purchasing bids,” Pheifer-Jennings explains.

It is clear, though, that students would like to buy food from the vending machines once again, which raises the question: What food do CHS students want in the machines?

A Sandpiper survey done of 100 Carmel High students found the most requested savory item in the vending machines is Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles, with 28 percent of students claiming them as their first choice. This was followed by Cheez-Its and Doritos, tied at 17 percent.

At 62 percent, Yerba Mate was the first choice beverage among students, many enthusiastic about their desire for the tea drink, with Izze Sparkling Juice coming in second at 17 percent.

Rice Krispies Treats were the top choice for the sweet category at 36 percent and Fruit by the Foot at 19 percent.

Others requested healthier items such as vegetable packs, granola bars and fruit. 

“The vending machine was an easier, cheaper option than going somewhere like Bruno’s, especially on days I have practice, but there weren’t many light, healthy options,” student athlete Haemi Chee says.

Students also know how time-consuming the lines for the cafeteria can be. Some freshmen even confessed they will skip meals due to it.

“I don’t eat because I don’t want to wait in the lines,” freshman Jordan Chiewpanich says.

“Yeah, it’s too hard to wait in line forever,” freshman Sage Lewand agrees.

The amenity of the vending machines on campus is inarguably beneficial for students and staff alike.

“Mr. Borek will buy us snacks or even order food sometimes since we don’t really have an easier option for getting food after school,” says senior Sports Medicine member Lindsey Hill.

Not only is access to vending machnies beneficial for students and staff like Matt Borek, but they are beneficial for the lunch staff as well, who acknowledge the support the vending machines offer at break and lunch time.

Most students hope their input and recommendations will aid the return of the CHS vending machines for the rest of the 2019-20 school year.

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