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Sports boosters president steps up to the plate


After starting the current school year without an Athletics Boosters president, several functions of the board have changed, but things are returning to normal now that new president Donna Langley has entered the scene.

It had been over a decade since the Carmel High School had no active president running the sports boosters program, a fundraising body that helps the various athletics at CHS by raising money and distributing it to the various teams at the high school. This absence affected various functions of the body, including fundraising at the CHS football snack bars.

CHS athletic director Golden Anderson explains that without a president, the functions of the athletics board were limited, meaning that the organization was unable to run the CHS football snack bars. Traditionally, the boosters would take the income from the snack bar and disperse it among CHS teams based on the number of participating students. However, this year the Padre softball team took on the role of providing volunteers for the snack bar and in return they keep the profits from sales.

The snack bar generally raises about $900 to $1,000 at each of the eight home games, which all went back to the teams when the sports boosters ran it, according to ASB secretary Diana Vita.

CHS softball coach Jim Pingree was contacted by Anderson about the opportunity to operate the snack bar and the softball team agreed, according to CHS softball assistant coach Mike Lucido, who explains the softball program will use the proceeds for uniform, travel, equipment and tournament fees.

“Less than a year ago, the softball program had $130.30 in their ASB account remaining from the previous year,” Lucido says. “This opportunity made complete sense for the softball program to operate the snack bar for this year and the program was excited to take on the task.”

The team faced some challenges to staffing the snack bar because many girls had conflicts with other sports and commitments. Senior Rachael Carroll, four-year varsity softball member, explains the time commitment was large because they had to run the snack bar for both junior varsity and varsity games.

“I was there from 10:30 to 5, so it was a long time,” Carroll says. “But it was totally worth it.”

Junior Madison DiGirolamo, a softball team member, explains that the snack bar is staffed on a volunteer basis and students don’t need to stay the entire time, allowing for flexibility.

On Sept. 28, Donna Langley, mother of two CHS students and director of sales administration at Pebble Beach, was appointed as the new president of the sports boosters. Langley’s decision to enroll her daughters at CUSD was largely driven by the sports they offer, and because of this, Langley decided to give back by volunteering for the open position on the athletics boosters board.

Langley explains that this year softball took on the football snack bar responsibilities, but next year the athletics boosters will resume responsibilities of this. One of Langley’s biggest campaigns is redoing the snack bar.

“I want to make it run a little more efficiently and provide the equipment necessary to really make it a viable financial contributor to the boosters,” Langley says.

Another one of Langley’s big campaigns is gathering support to run the concessions of several major events like the Pebble Beach Pro-am, Concours d’Elegance, Pebble Beach Food and Wine and more because a certain percentage of all concession sales goes directly back to the boosters.

“There has always been volunteerism out of Carmel,” Langley says. “That’s not something that is new. But we are going to reignite the flame underneath the special events.”

Currently, Langley is arranging a contract with a half marathon event running through Pebble Beach for a sizable donation in return for about 100 volunteers.

Donna Langley encourages people to support the athletics booster and volunteer by contacting her at (831)-277-7930 or langleyd@pebblebeach.com.


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