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Sophomore shutterbug develops wide range of talents


The multi-talented Gaby Borges works just as well in front of the camera as she does behind it.

Modern-day Renaissance woman and Carmel sophomore Gaby Borges possesses an unbelievable multitude of skills spanning language, athletics and the arts and cites photography as her biggest passion.

This interest took root in eighth grade, when her father gave her a camera and offered to buy a better one if she took photography seriously for a year.  Since then, she has developed into a photographer known for her impeccable eye for detail, even conducting photo shoots for local jewelry store Pat Areias.

“I just kind of fell in love with it,” Borges says.

The San Diego native explains that she admires the art of digitally altered photos and hopes to explore it in the future.

“They’re still great photos, but they’re edited, and they look really cool. I want to get into that,” Borges remarks, adding that, as of now, her own photographs remain unedited. “It just feels more raw.”

“She tries to find different angles,” fellow sophomore Savannah Chappell says. “I’ve been with her [when taking photos], and she’s done some things not many people would think to do…to get that one picture, and it turns out really well.”

Photography isn’t Borges’ only forte. As a native Spanish speaker, she enjoys having command of two languages and harnesses words to express herself through poetry. She has played violin since the fourth grade and soccer since the second grade, and she now throws discus and shotput for the Carmel High track team.

Besides a plethora of external talents, Borges also possesses unmatched humility and grace about her work, allowing it to speak for itself, according to those around her.

“She’s content having her passions because they bring her joy, but doesn’t use them to attract attention or be self-serving, which is very unique,” says her youth pastor Amanda de la Vega Tovar, before commenting on Borges’ incredible heart for the people close to her. “Whether giving advice when she feels like it’s necessary or just being a presence in someone’s life, she does it with excellence.”

Borges is available for photo commissions; her photography can be viewed on her Instagram account, @g4by_borges.



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