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Songwriters guild tunes up for 2012 debut

The Singers/Songwriters’ Guild has big shoes to fill this year as incoming and returning club members tune their mandolins and write songs of their own to put on quality shows and give up-and-coming artists the opportunity to show the public what they can do.

“I’m just looking forward to a whole new group of people,” club advisor Mike Deckelmann says.

After a successful and seemingly endless night of fun Sept. 7 with Rushad Eggleston, the guild has set their standards high this year.

“Never having been in a transition in this club, we’ll see what happens,” Deckelmann says. “It can’t be a failure, just different.”

The guild has given aspiring bands and artists the foundations to make it big, showcasing original songs and compositions that have revolutionized the world of music at Carmel High School.

Who could forget Melanie Ingram and Kane Suga transfixing the crowd with their rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep”?

Ingram and Suga formed their band Angels in the Alps and won numerous competitions such as Battle of the Bands the past two years. With students Yann Brown and Jacob Ellzey from Pacific Grove, they created another band called Appalachia, who recorded their first single, “Night,” produced by Sunset Room Productions on Aug. 7.

Last year the Singers/Songwriters’ Guild had the honor of featuring Appalachia at the club’s final show.

This is just one example of the opportunities that the Singers/Songwriters’ Guild provides for students wishing to pursue their dreams among spotlights and original songs.

“I love to create and perform songs, and it’s even better when I do it with my friends,” junior Nick Johnson says. As a new member to the guild, Johnson had the chance to perform his original song, “Hero,” at the Eggleston show.

Whether it is as successful as producing a first-time single or just showing off an original song, the guild has given much to music at Carmel High.

“Every time we did this the past two years, every time we had a show, two or three people stepped up who were just amazing,” Deckelmann says. “And that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Although the guild lost prominent leaders after they graduated last year, now it’s time for new talent and new leadership to take the stage.

“[There] is definitely a sense of community within the club,” senior and three-year-member Jordan Miller says. “If a certain band or act needs another musical component, everyone is always eager to help each other out.”

As the student body looks to the guild to bring the music, guild members look to those willing to tune their guitars and shine their voice pipes to bring forth the joy that comes with creating beautiful music.

-Madi Salvati-

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