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Search for new superintendent starting soon

Being superintendent for a school district is not an easy job, and finding a new superintendent may be even harder. When Marvin Biasotti announced his upcoming retirement from superintendent in August, Carmel Unified School District started their search, which according to Karl Pallastrini, the board’s president, is going well.

The school board has not opened the position yet, but will do so by January 2015. They hope to have the position filled by May 2015, if not earlier. Pallastrini says hopes that the new superintendent will do as well as Biasotti has done.

“Mr. Biasotti will be a hard act to follow,” Pallastrini adds. “He has dedicated his working career to the Carmel Unified School District, and it would be hard to find someone with that kind of passion and love for our district. Take a look around at the facilities at the high school as a living example of his work.”

The board president hopes that the next superintendent will be able to “maintain the qualities that sets Carmel Unified apart from other districts in the state and nation,” and will be one who understands the unique culture of CUSD.

“I certainly hope the person has a good sense of humor as well,” Carmel River School’s principal Jay Marden says. “Laughter is one of life’s greatest joys and is evidence that one is enjoying one’s job!”

Marden and Biasotti have worked together for 18 years, and Marden says that Biasotti has provided the leadership necessary to ensure all teachers feel valued and supported as well as making sure that the students are receiving an excellent education. He hopes that the new superintendent will be able to do the same.

CHS Principal Rick Lopez is sad to see Biasotti leaving after 15 years and says that he is looking for a superintendent like Marvin Biasotti, one who gets to know the community and school district, wants continuous improvement and wants to be the kind of leader that moves the district forward.

Ken Griest, the principal at Carmel Middle School, adds that Biasotti has done an excellent job in his position, and Griest hopes the next superintendent also has excellent communication skills, is a skilled facilitator and can lead CUSD to even greater accomplishments.

“My decision to retire at the end of June was complicated by the fact that I truly enjoy my job and love this district,” Biasotti reflects. “Nonetheless, the time seemed right as the district is in a very good place, and I reasoned that the sooner I got busy with figuring out the next phase of my life, the better.”
-Kimberly Burns


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