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Sandy Claws: Periwinkle, the ultimate ‘alpha feline’

periwinklecatpic PC Kelly
Just because we live in the most dog-friendly town in the USA, doesn’t mean we need to grace our newspaper with their presence. Let’s hear it for our feline friends! Sandy Claws, a cat column, started last year, but is open to writing about other unique pets too.

Periwinkle is not your typical Siamese. Or cat for that matter.

Weighing 20 pounds and sporting a chocolaty, spotted fur, Periwinkle has established herself as “alpha feline” in the Kelly household. But senior cat-lover Kaitlyn Kelly will be the first to acknowledge her cat’s health problems.

“She likes to eat. A lot.” Kelly says. “Sometimes she has trouble getting up onto the bed because she is so fat.”

Normal indoor cats weigh an average 10 pounds, Kelly notes, so with her current weight, Periwinkle is probably nearing the end of her life.

Kelly has three additional cats—Winnie the Pooh, Princess Leia and Padme—and a rivalry has appeared between Periwinkle and the others. When Periwinkle isn’t teasing and bullying the other cats, she is eating, sleeping or being mischievous.

“Although she is declawed, she really likes playing with ribbon,” Kelly explains. “But then she eats it and throws up.”

This hardcore cat just thinks it can get away with anything, which has given Kelly the impression that if Periwinkle were reincarnated as a human, she would be a serious diva.

-Edie Ellison

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