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Sandwich shops worth your hard-earned bread

Bruno’s Market and Deli—Carmel

Price: $5-$7

Speed: Above average

Service: Average

If you haven’t heard about Bruno’s, then you must be friends with Spongebob because you have been living under a rock. Located on the corner of 6th and Junipero in downtown Carmel, Bruno’s has been the go-to sandwich shop for Carmel High students for the past decade. In addition to offering a menu, the deli allows customers to build their sandwich from scratch. While devising your own sandwich can be invigorating, you can’t go wrong with ordering the prime rib topped with cheese, onions, tomatoes and barbeque sauce. After getting your food, it is easy to create a great lunch with the massive selection of drinks and chips. Bruno’s is the best place to go if you want a quick, quality sandwich.

Compagno’s Market and Deli—Prescott Avenue, Monterey

Price: $7-$12

Speed: Below average

Service: Excellent

Situated just outside the NavalPost-GraduateSchool, Compagno’s is by far the hidden sandwich gem on the peninsula. After a quick trip down Highway 68 toward P.G., turn right on Prescott Ave and Compagno’s will be on your left. While it can be easy to miss, Compagno’s will not disappoint, offering a wide variety of delicious choices from meatball sausage to BLT. Although the price seems steep, the sandwich can easily be split between two people. The deli is run by a personable veteran, who lines every wall with military memorabilia and tops off every transaction with a secret handshake. Unfortunately, due to its location, it is difficult to make it back in one lunch period; however, this deli is definitely worth checking out.

Randy’s Sandwich Shop – Tenth Street, Monterey

Price: $4-$6

Speed: Excellent

Service: Average

Another hidden deli, Randy’s Sandwich Shop offers the quickest preparation on the peninsula by far. On top of a quick turnaround time, Randy’s bids the most “bang for your buck.” For $5, you can get “The Jaws,” a sandwich packed with meat—roast beef, ham, turkey, pastrami and salami. Although the sandwich sizes and prices sound attractive, it might take a while to get your food if you visit the shop during lunch hours, resulting in many unhappy sixth period teachers. However, if you’re in the Monterey area and want a quick, cheap sandwich, Randy’s is the place for you…but remember, CASH ONLY!

Subway – Everywhere

Price: $5-$8

Speed: Excellent

Service: Below average

You leaked into lunch finishing a fifth period test. Your brain is fried. Mom forgot to pack you a lunch. Cafeteria food does not sound appetizing. You need food. You have twenty minutes…. Thank goodness for Subway. Offering the “$5 footlong,” although every trip ends up costing me at least $7, Subway is the quickest place to get a sandwich. While speedy, you won’t get that same personal touch offered by the previous three shops. Furthermore, it might take a few trips to find that perfect sandwich combination. My suggestion: Italian BMT with sweet onion sauce.







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