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Sandpiper writer wins $3,500 3M essay competition

On Jan. 11, Carmel High’s Connor Suess was selected by the Monterey Peninsula College English Department as the single college-bound high school senior in the Monterey Peninsula to win the coveted 3M Scholarship.

Winning $3,500 for himself and an additional $9,000 for Carmel High School scholarship fund, Suess answered the following prompt: In light of the political discord in our country today, what would you suggest as a way to unify the United States?

Suess’ 5,000-character maximum essay focuses on restoring national pride by commemorating the traits of the country. He touches on the rich history of America and explains how Americans have overcome tremendous odds as one nation in the past. By emphasizing the patriotism and greatness of America, Suess believes that its people can bridge the current gap of disunity.

The scholarship also provides the winner with special access to the Pebble Beach Pro-Am on Feb. 8 and the chance to walk along with attending celebrities.

-Evan Patel


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