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Sandpiper Spotlight: Kristine Tarozzi

Published May 13, 2021


Dance and yoga teacher by day, travel enthusiast by night, Kristine Tarozzi has missed her usual routine of visiting foreign countries during breaks, having recently visited places closer to home instead. 

Beautiful temples like this one in Indonesia are part of the reason why to Tarozzi loves to travel. (courtesy of Kristine Tarozzi)

From skiing in Australia in August to exploring the wildlife of Costa Rica, the CHS teacher has traveled every summer she could. Before having her two kids, she and her husband would ski in a different state every break. 

“I love experiencing the different lifestyles like how societies live, their food, their culture, and the people,” says the Carmel Valley native. 

When the pandemic hit, that meant no more big trips. Tarozzi’s family instead used this time to explore more of California through backpacking trips, tubing down the Carmel Valley River and spending a week in houseboats on Lake Shasta. 

“We just kept it more local through trips to Yosemite and skiing in Bear Valley,” explains Tarozzi. 

In addition to their trips, the dance teacher has started a little garden and gone on many hikes, with Garzas Canyon Loop in Carmel Valley Village being a favorite. On holidays, her family started painting rocks to display on their front lawn. 

Now that her family is out of the house and in school, things have gotten way busier, with in-person classes and the dance program’s first in-person dance show premiering this Wednesday and Thursday at Forest Theater at 7 p.m. This hour and 20 minute show has limited tickets, so Tarozzi encourages students to get them ahead of time if they wish to come.

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