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Sandpiper Spotlight: Jason Maas-Baldwin

Published May 25, 2021


After coming out of our socially distanced school year, AP Environmental Science and AP Chemistry teacher Jason Maas-Baldwin is thrilled to be back in the classroom and able to interact with students again. 

Maas-Baldwin loves exploring nature locally with his family. (courtesy of Jason Maas-Baldwin)

“The thing that keeps me going and that was missing for so much of the past year was being in a room of students because it just makes me feel animated, innovative and alive,” Maas-Baldwin explains. 

While at home, he has spent much time with his family which meant he had more time devoted to taking care of his three younger children aged 3, 6 and 8.

“At the beginning of the pandemic last March, it was one of the most difficult periods of my life,” the teacher adds, “because the combination of having kids home and teaching from home threw my life out of its normal balance.”

As the pandemic went on, Maas-Baldwin and his family grew to explore favorite hiking spots in Big Sur and at Garland Ranch Regional Park. His love of nature makes sense as he leads the Environmental Club and is an activist for sustainability, and he usually is part of the desert trip. which in a normal year would take students, usually upperclassmen, camping in Joshua Tree in Palm Springs. 

In addition to exploring nature, Maas-Baldwin also has a love for music. Helping the CHS Singer-Songwriters’ Guild, Maas-Baldwin plays guitar in the Bubba Pickens Band, a bluegrass collaboration created by CHS teachers. Pre-pandemic, they would play at private events locally, just for the fun of performing together. This summer, he hopes to go to some music festivals, go camping in Washington and looks forward to spending time with his kids. 

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