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Popular Carmel Restaurants

A list of five popular Carmel restaurants was created based on information from students. The five restaurants represented all different types of food and environments, ranging from r.g. burgers to Tommy’s Wok, serving American cuisine and Chinese dishes, respectively. Then 50 CHS students were randomly chosen and asked to identify a favorite, or a most-liked restaurant, from this group of five. The results are as shown in the chart to the left. Tommy’s Wok took the lead, receiving a total of 16 votes, though r.g. burgers followed closely behind with a total of 15 votes. Sushi Heaven received 12 votes, Dametra Cafe received 4, and Carmel Belle brought up the rear with 3 votes. Many students say that r.g. burgers serves irresistible Restaurant Pollfood, while Carmel Belle features a light-hearted cafe atmosphere and more reasonable prices. Though students often complain about the out-of-budget menu items, these restaurants appear to be popular destinations for hungry students seeking a decent meal.

– Melissa Pavloff

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