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Passionate girls’ lacrosse head coach juggles both JV and varsity teams

Published April 3, 2024


After coaching JV girls’ lacrosse at CHS for the first time last year, Sophia White is taking on both varsity and JV teams this season. 

Starting her freshman year of high school, White’s passion for lacrosse began at Santa Catalina School in Monterey. She furthered her lacrosse career in college where she attended Emmanuel College in Boston, playing Division III lacrosse. She began coaching while in graduate school and has continued coaching various youth lacrosse teams since, locally with the Bixby Ballers in Monterey before coming to CHS.

“I love the sport,” White explains. “I missed playing and being around the sport, but the main thing is that I love seeing the sport grow. When I was in high school, they didn’t have a team at Carmel, so I love seeing that the sport is growing.”

Beginning her first season as both varsity and JV girls’ lacrosse head coach, Sophia White creates a positive environment for athletes. (photo by CASSIDY SCHEID)

Due to a lack of coaching staff, White is taking on both JV and varsity teams, coaching double the practices and games, yet she is still able to mentor athletes and coordinate both teams with grace.

“The administrative stuff is more stressful than the actual coaching,” White says. “The coaching stuff is the easy part and the most fun for me.”

White can be seen before practice chatting, playing wall ball or warming up with players, and her positive, bubbly energy helps to create a comfortable environment for athletes.

“She’s good at bringing the mood up, putting everyone in a better mood, considering people’s feelings and attending to each individual player,” says junior captain Kate Graham.

As of March 29, the team was fourth in the PCAL Gabilan Division with a record of 2-3 in league and 3-4-1 overall.

“We’re looking strong,” White says. “Every team has strengths and weaknesses, but I’m hopeful that we can be pretty successful and competitive within the league and outside the league.”

During practice, the coach focuses on fundamentals: stick skills, passing, positioning and understanding the game. Her coaching style of leading with compassion allows athletes to improve while still having fun out on the field.

“I like that she’s really understanding, and she expects a lot out of us, ” explains senior captain Anya Melton, “but at the same time, she sets expectations for us that we want to meet, which makes us really want to put in the effort.”


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