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Padres vote in 2017-2018 ASB officers

After many qualified students competed to represent their school, the CHS student body has cast their votes and appointed class and ASB presidents for the 2017-18 school year with Sebastian Hendricks representing the sophomore class, Juliana Smith representing the junior class and Tara Jones representing the senior class, alongside newly appointed ASB president Diego Cabrera.

“We had a pretty good voter turnout,” ASB adviser Aubrey Powers says, “so hopefully students get the idea of supporting a candidate and getting excited for them and becoming invested in changes which they hope to see happen.”

The election allows students to choose capable, enthusiastic and determined group of students who are ready to take action immediately.

“I am hoping to get students involved in rallies and anything leadership oriented,” senior class president Tara Jones says. “I also want to improve parking for all grades to create a more safe and stress free campus.”

Jones, a first-time leadership position holder, wowed her class with her humorous yet compelling campaign video. Campaign videos are a way for the candidates’ names to be heard and capture the attention of other students and one of few mandatory elements of the election, but Jones went above and beyond, swarming the school with stickers and posters to make herself known.

“I thought this was a great way to start conversations with possible voters, and it is simple advertising!” Jones says.

Laughlin, another elect without previous experience, charmed students with her charisma.

“I feel really confident and excited for next year as VP of the senior class,” Laughlin adds, “and after attending CHS for three years I feel like I know the school well enough to know what needs to change.”

Jones and Laughlin have already started to become familiar with ASB.

“I think once I see how ASB runs their meetings, I can see how I can implement the changes I need to make,” Jones says.

The new ASB president worked hard for his position after a loss last year. Now, Diego Cabrera is more motivated than ever to improve the spirit and dynamic of Carmel High.

“I think this is a big step in the student body,” Cabrera says. “I have been involved in the scene since seventh grade and loved it ever since. It feels great getting a chance to represent the school in board meetings and in general. I want to do changes that have been longed for, and I know a lot of things can get passed and approved with effort and commitment to it.”

Cabrera has already started planning ideas for the upcoming school year.

“For dances and dress-ups, I want to ask people around what would appeal to them to make them want to participate. Because, at the end of the day, I’m doing this for the school and students and want to hear their input. I am OK with going out of way to find out what the students would like, I’m open to ideas.”

Cabrera has shown immense dedication to leadership since before coming to CHS, but had some fierce competitors for the job, including juniors Gianluca Dourous and Coral Barrett.

“I voted for Diego last year and thought he was the perfect guy for the job,” sophomore Caroline Ganos says. “He is always so exuberant and happy, and I think he will bring those qualities to better our school as well. I’m glad this year he gets his chance.”

Cabrera’s dedication to the student body has definitely caught the attention of many.

“I’m not doing this for myself a lot of times,” Cabrera explains. “I hear people doing things like this and overhear how this will be a good thing to put in their college applications. That to me is heartbreaking because they only want to benefit themselves. I let the students know that they are first before me, as I just want a change in the school. I’m asking for nothing in return.”

Other leadership positions will be filled by junior Gabrielle Obligacion as ASB vice president, junior Sophia Collins as ASB secretary and junior David Huh as ASB treasurer. As for class representatives, Jessica Hwang will hold the position as senior class secretary, with Sarah Saito as junior class vice president. As for the sophomore class, Marcus Lo will be vice president with Bryn Womble as sophomore secretary.

Junior Nick Krueger will be the commissioner for spirit, junior Paige Hartley for recognition, Raen Gallup for publicity and Jessica Pavloff for athletics. Commissioners are yet to be determined for rallies, lunchtime activities, social activities, historian and junior class secretary.

For students interested in representing, there will be an informational meeting during office hours May 16 in Room 38.

-Parinda Desai

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