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Noodle the pug poses the question: to have bones or not to have bones

Published Nov. 12, 2021


Each morning, Noodle uses his prophetic powers as he is lifted to the heavens and set down on his paws to either stand stoically with strength or to crumple under the weight of the upcoming day. 

Noodle, a 13-year-old pug, recently rose to fame on the social networking app TikTok. His 4 million followers await his instruction each morning, monitoring his account in hopes that the pet will proclaim a “bones day,” in which his devotees are meant to live a day filled with bravery and risk-taking. His message is dependent upon his ability to stand after his owner, Jonathan Graziano, picks him up from his bed and places him back down, awaiting the pug’s reaction.

Should the pug collapse, his legs following in compliance with his namesake, Noodle issues a “no bones day,” instructing his admirers to spend a day taking care of themselves, practicing acts of self-love, particularly endorsing the dawning of comfortable pants. 

While Noodle’s fame is not unique, with thousands of pet celebrities gracing the internet, his impact has inspired millions to change their outlook on the day, emphasizing mindfulness and self-care. With each prophecy, the pug encourages people to act in ways that they might not normally.

Noodle the pug stands victorious as he issues his decree: bones day. (courtesy of JONATHON GRAZIANO)

The importance of mindfulness is not lost upon the younger generations–Noodle is simply one of the many champions of the self-love movement. Following a year spent in quarantine due to COVID-19, the emotional growth and socialization of many were stunted because of isolation. As a result of an increased amount of free time spent reflecting, self-care became a popular pastime. 

During the height of the pandemic, people spent time learning new skills and developing healthier habits, be it exercising a few times a week, painting or returning to a former love of reading, but with the return to normalcy, the previously developed customs began to fade away. With Noodle’s rise to fame, the importance of spending time reflecting and taking care of oneself is back on people’s radar. 

With the return of stressful times, the importance of checking in with friends and family is more crucial than ever, and each morning Noodle prompts a conversation about the nature of the day, evoking a dialogue about how those around us are truly doing. 

As finals week and the end of the year approach, continue to follow Noodle’s example and examine each day carefully, assessing your emotional well-being and adjusting accordingly. There is no need for every moment to be full of bones, jam-packed with events and anticipation, for each “no bones day” presents an opportunity to reflect and relax.

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