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Musical ‘Mean Girls’ springs into action at Carmel High School

Published March 6, 2024


On Wednesdays we wear pink, and on March 22 “Mean Girls” premiers at Carmel High School.

Starring senior Alyssa Galicia, a self-proclaimed theater lover and long-time actor at Carmel High, “Mean Girls” tells the  story of Cady Heron, a foreign student who transfers to a public high school in Illinois. The musical will be directed by Jeff McGrath, the theater manager at Carmel High School, who has been managing the space since 2019.

Junior Lillian Mendez and seniors Kyla Macaluso and Alexis Pine will play the popular clique The Plastics in the upcoming musical opening March 22. (photo by LONDON SELBY-LARA and MIKAYLA DAVIDSON)

“Cady is a very interesting character, and I’m super pumped to be doing this as our show,” Galicia says. 

McGrath describes a theater group overflowing with talent, from talented actors to long-time musicians, while also emphasizing the commitment and dedication of the acting cast. 

“We are thrilled to have so much incredible talent on board,” McGrath says.

Cady enrolls in North Shore High where she stumbles into a social hierarchy ruled by antagonist Regina George, played by senior Kyla Macaluso, another long-time musical theater member who will be performing alongside senior Alexis Pine and junior Lillian Mendez, who will be playing the other members of the popular group, Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners, respectively. 

“I’m so excited to play Karen, her character is so much fun,” Pine says.

Love interest Aaron Samuels will be played by senior Jet Yard, an established performing artist at Carmel High and occasional performer at school rallies finds much of his time outside of school taken up by  rehearsals, which are every day after school for multiple hours and even up to four hours on Saturdays.

The show’s cast practices for over 10 hours a week in and out of costume. (photo by LONDON SELBY-LARA and MIKAYLA DAVIDSON)

“I’ve really enjoyed trying to work up to the challenging vocal range,” Yard says. “I’ve always found dancing fun and physical, so the musical is pretty epic for me.”

Though the sentiment that the production is a huge commitment is expressed by a majority of the entire cast, many see it as an opportunity for them to form closer connections and make new friendships. 

“It’s so much fun spending time with my theater family,” Galicia says.

The introduction of an understudy cast will be new this year for the theater department and will help give younger aspiring actors more experience in the main cast.

“I hope the understudy group will allow interested underclassmen to start getting involved in major roles,” McGrath says.

The lead role Cady Heron is played by senior Alyssa Galicia in the spring musical _Mean Girls._ (photo by LONDON SELBY-LARA and MIKAYLA DAVIDSON)

The understudy cast includes Zachary Rasmussen, the understudy for Aaron Samuels, who describes the cast as a family that has helped him grow as a performer. 

“It’s been really fun to work with these guys,” Rasmussen says.

Outside of bringing in new understudy performers, the roles of Cady’s dad and mom will be played by World History teacher Bruce Dini and English teacher Shelley Grahl, who has a history of acting at Carmel High appearing in a showing of “Guys and Dolls.”

“I’m super excited to be active in musical theater again at Carmel High,” Grahl says. “I had so much fun in the last musical I was in, I’m just happy to be back with the cast.”

The excitement is building for the musical which will open on March 22 and continue till March 30 at the Carmel High theater with tickets sold at the entrance, $15 for student admissions and $20 for non-students. 


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