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Mr. Padre competition returns for spring tradition


It’s April 2018, and Nick Krueger has just finished dancing like nobody’s watching, wearing a “Vote for Pedro” T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. He’s just won what’s become a yearly competition, entering a very exclusive club: He’s Mr. Padre.

Now Padres can get ready for another wild night on Friday, April 5, as the competition has returned, featuring the best and brightest junior boys duking it out for ultimate bragging rights and a free ticket to prom.

“It’s a very low-stress event and, who knows, someone may come out of the woodwork to completely surprise everyone with a hidden talent,” says 2018 CHS graduate Alex Poletti, who competed in the Mr. Padre competition as a junior in 2017.

Poletti stunned the audience in his competition, singing and rapping for students in a tight competition that featured wild acts: Chris Scattini leaping over seven lined up chairs and Zach Dezee rapping the alphabet.

“You basically get to watch your classmates make fools out of themselves,” Poletti remarks.

Before the competition was a hit among students and teachers across campus, Mr. Padre was simply a project, consolidated to only the senior class. Now the competition has been made an official event in the theater and is going on its third year. Previous winners of the competition included Hunter Garrison, Joe Johnsson, and Krueger, who took the title of Mr. Padre last year.

“They demonstrate their fitness, show us a talent and prove their poise with a Q&A,” says Leadership teacher Aubrey Powers, who organized Mr. Padre in conjunction with members of the Associated Student Body and Leadership. “Their personality and their enthusiasm are really what judges latch on to in terms of scoring. I would call it a prom ticket scholarship program,” Powers adds with a laugh.

The competition regularly consists of five to six members, judged by three faculty members. Each member scores contestants based on personal enjoyment as well as reaction from the crowd.

Since seniors have been able to take the reins on the competition in 2019, and the regular host of the event, CHS math teacher Dawn Hatch, is on sabbatical, this year saw a shift. Senior Hope Hanlon, who serves as one of the commissioners of planning and organizing the event, will host Mr. Padre on Friday

“It’s an event where the school can come together to support some of our upperclassmen boys and a fun night to learn about their wacky talents, amazing style and skill,” Hanlon notes. “The seniors are thrilled to be a part of such a Carmel High tradition.”

Mr. Padre yearly has become an event where students gather to be thoroughly entertained by their peers.

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