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Movies you should watch this holiday season

Probably the best thing about the holidays, besides the encouraged gluttony and general homey feeling, is this idea that we seem to have that because the temperature outside has dropped below 50 degrees, we can stay inside and do nothing all day. That is, nothing besides drinking hot chocolate by the gallon and watching hi-qual movies about other people’s trials and tribulations during the winter season!

Here’s a list of cinematic masterpieces for you and the fam to enjoy—or just you, that’s cool.

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas”
Know that I’m talking about the original, animated movie here (also known as the only Grinch movie that matters) because apparently there is some kind of live-action impostor trying to pass itself off as the Grinch’s story? Well, guess who doesn’t care about Jim Carrey wearing more green makeup than he did in The Mask. Hint: it’s me.

“Love, Actually”
Okay, this movie is great. Like, it’s one of those rom-coms that star 10+ celebrities (and contains countless cameos) whose stories are all inexplicably intertwined, but it’s hilarious and kind of sweet in its own strange way. I mean, in what other context could the Prime Minister’s love affair with his secretary be even slightly relatable to some 12-year-old kid’s school crush? It also features a stunning cover of Mariah Carey’s seasonal hit “All I Want for Christmas (Is You)” by the aforementioned 12-year-old’s love interest.

“Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”
I’m actually really sorry that this movie is even on the list because it is so, so awful. It’s awful in a way that cannot be dismissed as ridiculousness; it’s just…bad. I honestly expected more of both Lifetime Original Movies and Aubrey Plaza (the voice of Grumpy Cat herself).

“A Christmas Story”
How could I not include this classic on a list of holiday movies? I derive endless aesthetic inspiration from Ralphie’s life (The leg lamp! The bunny pajamas!) and relate extremely deeply to his plights as a young, white, suburban boy. Actually though, the fantasy sequence in which his teacher gives him an “A-PLUS! PLUS! PLUS! PLUS! PLUS!” is the best thing I’ve ever seen, except for maybe the other fantasy where he’s blind and it’s all the Lifebuoy’s fault.
-Elizabeth Harrison

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