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American Sign Language teacher Mia Baglietto has decorated portable classroom A with rainbow hands signing “I love you” and handprints scattered over her wall. Mother of five kids and a lover of the beach, Baglietto discovered the joy of teaching eight years ago at a private school in Stockton, California.

When a few of her kids started to become interested in dirt biking, she was the first in her family to acquire the motorcycle license. Her contagious laugh matches a vibrant personality, her addition to the staff definitely a positive one.

“I was an interpreter for the deaf prior to teaching, and I was asked to start an American Sign Language program,” Baglietto says. “I love the language, and I love the culture so I agreed to do it, and it took off.”

With her free time, the ASL teacher enjoys spending time with her daughter at home, the rest of her kids already having left the nest. Yet her impact within the community lies outside of her home life.

Baglietto’s addition to the staff at Carmel High allows the ability to have a class in American Sign Language that no other school in the Carmel Unified School District offers.

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