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Published May. 12, 2022


After a neck-and-neck electoral race for the Associated Student Body leadership roles, class representatives and commissioner positions, the results are finally in and the elected officials are preparing to step into their new roles on campus. 

ASB President – Jack Norman

While campaigning for the position of president, Jack Norman pledged to work with the administration to put a frozen yogurt machine on Carmel High School’s campus, a task that may be hard to achieve.

“My primary goal is to further positive advancements in the school district by communicating and advocating student ideas, items of interest and issues of concern to the administration,” Norman says.

While serving his term, Norman will be tasked with attending school board meetings, running ASB meetings and communicating with the leadership class, student body and CHS administration.

ASB Vice President – Jerry Marnell

After being prompted to run by his peers, Jerry Marnell stepped into the race for ASB vice president, vowing to find solutions to campus issues, including the excessive amounts of trash and the empty vending machines. 

“Trash is becoming a huge problem since we’ve come back from the pandemic,” Marnell says. “Instituting ways to curb that issue is crucial.”

As vice president, Marnell will run ASB meetings, which occur once a month, help with Back-to-School Night and oversee elections.

ASB Secretary – AJ Desai

Since middle school, secretary AJ Desai has had an interest in leadership but his class schedule and COVID-19 prohibited him from participating. For his senior year, Desai decided to make the time to get involved in ASB. 

“ASB secretary has to take unbiased notes at [meetings],” Desai says. “I’m pretty good at reserving bias so I’ll fit into the role nicely.”

Since this is Desai’s first year participating in leadership, he plans to learn the basics of his job first, and then begin to tackle more pressing issues. 

ASB Treasurer – Siri Panetta

Siri Panetta is no stranger to the commitment of being Carmel High School’s treasurer, as the 2022-23 school year will be her second term in this position. 

“I thought that there was no harm in applying for it again,” Panetta says. “Not to mention that all the higher positions were extremely competitive.”

Panetta’s job as treasurer involves keeping charge of the money allocated to clubs and sports. If a group wants to ask for ASB funds, it is Panetta’s job to bring it up in meetings and motion to get it approved.

Class of 2023 President – Reygan Bethea

During her final year at CHS, Reagan Bethea believes that her job as class president is to ensure that her soon-to-be-senior classmates have the best year yet.

“As president, I’m going to try to have more inclusivity in activities,” Bethea says. “As well as plan activities that people actually want to do.”

Bethea, alongside vice president McCartney Hong, will be in charge of the Senior Night, prom and senior meetings throughout the year.

Class of 2024 President – Marcus Michie

After spending his sophomore year as vice president, Marcus Michie was elected as president for his junior year. During his term, Michie plans to improve the quality of cafeteria food and lower food waste.

“My passion for public policy and service spurred my decision to pursue student government,” Michie says.

Michie will also be working alongside Class of 2024 vice president Morgan Mayer to help set up and plan the junior prom.

Class of 2025 President – Stella Nunez

CHS’ campus, particularly the amphitheater, tends to be littered with discarded lunch trays, plastic wrappers and food remnants after lunch. Much of that trash has been attributed to the habits of the Class of 2025. Stella Nunez plans to change that.

“I understand that my grade, the Class of 2025, kind of neglected to take care of our campus this year,” Nunez says. “I believe that I can help us improve our habits during our sophomore year.”

Nunez also believes that ensuring her classmates have an enjoyable experience at school, both in and out of class, is key. She hopes to increase her class’ participation in spirit activities.

Class of 2023 

President – Reygan Bethea

Vice President – McCartney Hong

Secretary/Treasurer – Holden Pereles

Class of 2024

President – Marcus Michie

Vice President – Morgan Mayer

Secretary/Treasurer – Lily Lehman

Class of 2025

President – Stella Nunez


Athletics – Ellie Rydeheard

Campus and Community Outreach – Vincent Camacho

Marketing and Communication – Tosin Oladokun 

Spirit – Audrey Glaser

Merchandising and Media – Adam Carley and Peyton Kelly

Rallies – Gigi Austria and Eddy Zarate

Sustainability – Will Hand



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