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Measures K, M denied

Monterey County voters voted no on both Measures K and M on Nov. 5 in the local elections.

Measure K promoted the development of 500 acres in Fort Ord and provided funds for the removal of decayed buildings. With 61.88% of voters voting no, construction of the MPC police and fire training building, veterans’ cemetery, horse track, Eastside Parkway and housing will not happen.

The other Fort Ord initiative on this year’s ballot, Measure M, which was meant to counter Measure K, received a no vote of 53%. Measure M was meant to protect the 500 acres of land instead of developing it.

“Proposition K really concerned me because I feel like there was a lot of outside interests who were standing to profit from development,” says voter Marc Stafford, a Carmel High teacher who lives near the site. “Proposition M, on the other hand, I think was also a really small group of people who have a really specific design.”

Along with the majority of Monterey County voters, Stafford is pleased that Fort Ord will remain just the same.

Stafford says, “Let our elected officials do their jobs and hold them accountable when they don’t.”

-Carly Rudiger

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