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Making waves is what Synchro Swim Club is all about

Despite the stereotype of synchronized swimming being a girl-dominated sport, the Carmel High School club is running strong to break these norms, with practice closely following the end of water polo season.

Junior Asha Johnston, the passionate club president, has successfully restarted the synchro club this year with the hope that she can

teach and share the love she has for the sport. Johnston was part of the Cypress Swim club and attended the Junior Olympics to compete in the synchronized swimming event. Due to an injury, Johnston had to stop competing, but her love for the sport lives on.

“I had such a passion for it I decided to incorporate it into a school activity,” Johnston says. “That way it would be less time consuming, I would be in charge of it.”

Club adviser Michelle Pollock notes that many people believe synchronized swimming is a female sport. Pollock explains that the club has always had male members in the past, which allows for expanded possibility into acrobatic routines.

“Men can now officially participate in synchro as a part of the Olympics,” Johnston says. “In the past, they could not because of the unfair advantage of tending to have more muscle than the women.”

The club is a way to participate in synchro without dedicating to a time-consuming, competitive team. Johnston also says that the club is in between the water polo and swimming season and would be a great way for the students who participate in those sports to stay in shape.

An additional feature is that students can bring their own music, which can be played through the underwater speakers during routines.

Later in the year, at the end of water polo season, there will be an added time commitment of three days after school for 1 ½ hours in the pool along with other club advisers Debbie French and Tricia Bean.

The club currently meets every other Tuesday at lunch in Room 48.

-Grace Davis

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