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Magic Club has new tricks up its sleeve for the new year

Juniors Margot McNally and Grace Lee have come with the intent to cast their spell on Carmel High School–not pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but magic that will excite students and leave them awestruck.

The recently-created Magic Club has already gathered new members who hope to learn tricks and illusions to impress their peers and challenge their minds.

McNally has recently discovered a newfound interest in magic and decided to bring her enthusiasm to CHS as the president of the club, with the help of co-president Lee.

“Well, if we like it so much, why don’t we teach others?” McNally asks.

The duo has already started to recruit members with ideas of potlucks and club bonding to create a stronger relationship between the members.

“I hope to gain more friends and have a good time,” McNally says.

Despite its recent introduction to the school, members have already grown fond of the club and enjoy what it has to offer beyond learning the tricks themselves.

“I love anything that is mysterious and cannot be understood, so I think it is fun to see how a trick is done,” says junior Tara Jones, a new member.

The girls hope to provide a space for students to escape the stress of school and enjoy themselves.

“I like jokesters who don’t take life too seriously, and that’s what this club’s all about,” says junior Jessica Hwang, a student new to CHS.

Club adviser Nora Ward not only supervises the club, but participates and teaches the students new tricks from her card trick book, as well as telling a riddle or two to entertain students and bring some variety to the club.

“The club is different from the clubs I have advised in the past because it is run by the students,” Ward says.

McNally and Lee start off the club with teaching the students a new trick and making them pros at it before they show others, but she is very insistent that the magic must stay a secret.

“Rule number one of Magic Club, don’t say anything about Magic Club,” McNally jokes, but in reality only members can learn the tricks to keep everything a mystery.

Members of the club take their craft seriously; those who are not new to magic have joined this club to gain more knowledge and experience to improve their abilities.

“I love playing with cards, and I hope to learn and become better at magic,” says junior Andy Ma, a magic veteran.

The co-presidents hope to work their magic on the student body and persuade more members to join their club, as well as conjure up new tricks to fascinate their peers.

Magic Club meets every Wednesday at lunch in Room 37.

-Parinda Desai

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