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Local teenage band ‘Pardon the Noise’ just getting started

Published Nov. 12, 2021


It only took jazz, Black Sabbath, a rapidly approaching concert and a few dedicated musicians to make it happen, but Pardon the Noise, a local alternative-rock band comprised of four teenagers, has released their second song, not long after playing their first concert.

With Carmel High School senior Emily Chesshire on bass guitar, Monterey High School senior Zion Saleem on drums and Monterey High alumni Matthew Newton and Ethan Maze as guitarist and vocalist, respectively, Pardon the Noise is working on two more songs and has an upcoming performance at MHS.

The band has also released two songs: “Peaches,” released May 28, and “As Long As You’re Loving Me,” released Oct. 15.

Pardon the Noise members Matthew Newton, Zion Saleem, Emily Chesshire and Ethan
Maze (left to right) are preparing for a full winter season of performances and song
releases. (courtesy of EMILY CHESSHIRE)

“It usually starts with someone saying, ‘I have an idea for a song,’” explains Chesshire, who joined the band in July. “Then the chords and the instrument sounds typically come out of jam sessions. We record our jam sessions, so if we come across an idea we like, we continue to build on that instrumentally by playing through the song and trying different things.”

When the band puts it together, they record in Chesshire’s garage. Saleem uses Logic Pro, a powerful audio editing software for macOS, in which it takes about a month to record and mix each song. Maze, a songwriter and poet, was hit with inspiration for their most recent song out of a guitar riff the group had been playing around with.

“Once I get started, it just flows,” Maze says. “And for ‘As Long as You’re Loving Me,’ it flowed in the matter of an hour. The song came very naturally.”

On Aug. 27, Pardon the Noise sold 125 tickets for a concert at The Power Plant Coffee in Moss Landing, which was opened by another local artist and turned out to be a successful and well-attended event. 

“The Power Plant show sold out, it was a great set up, it was awesome,” Saleem says. “We’re currently trying to lock in another big venue.”

The band members, all from 17 to 19, are busy managing school and various jobs. For some bands, being on the edge of graduation and college would mean coming to an end. For Pardon the Noise, it’s just a new beginning.

Pardon the Noise performs at the Power Plant Coffee in Moss Landing for a sold-out audience. (Photo by PIPER MAHONEY)

“We have no plans to stop anytime soon,” Saleem says. “People have stuff to look forward to.”

The group first came together when Saleem and Newton met in a jazz class at MHS three years ago, brought together by a shared musical talent and love for Black Sabbath. Maze joined shortly after, and Chesshire was the most recent addition to help prepare for their concert in August.

“I’ve always wanted to start a band, so it’s super cool to be making it happen,” Saleem says. “We’re trying to build a music community here in the area, and if we can be the reason why people will come together? That’s such a sick feeling.”

Pardon the Noise has two songs in the works, to be released in the next two months, as well as multiple smaller performances and the possibility of a larger upcoming show.

Saleem reflects, “I think the biggest reason why we do so well together is because before we were band members, we were best friends.”

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