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Local skater handles stress of upstart business 24 Hours


Hypex Eady hard at work creating new designs for his self-run website, 24 Hours. Photo by ANTHONY HERNANDEZ


24 Hours is a local business started by 20-year-old Hypex Eady, a Monterey Peninsula skater and entrepreneur. The site, 24hoursworldentertainment.com, currently features clothing, skateboards and other merchandise.


Eady began the business in 2015, showcasing videos on YouTube of skaters filmed in various spots around the Monterey Peninsula, including at Cal State University at Monterey Bay and the Monterey skate park. The videos helped Eady and his project gain a moderate online following of 400 Instagram followers and 230 YouTube subscribers, which in turn led to his designing of stickers, shirts and skateboards.


“24 Hours is everything to me,” says Eady, site creator and sole manager of the business. “I don’t like to call it a collective or brand because it’s more than that.”


24 Hours first launched the website in February, showcasing local models sporting the t-shirts Eady designed. The shop has sold approximately 400 pieces of merchandise and is currently out of stock on all apparel.


The brand strives for creativity over a quick buck, according to Eady, who reveals he hopes to make a statement and a change, rather than making something cheap and inauthentic.


“I’d rather contribute than consume,” Eady says about his vision.


The designer says that his philosophy is one of hard work, individuality and authenticity, and that passion is the most important part of his project. He also notes that his vision is to show people that they, too, can create a homegrown business like 24 Hours.


“I’m an average person,” Eady stresses. “When it comes down to it, we’re no different. We’re all human.”


24 Hours also promotes thinking outside the box, and in the last three years has explored the themes of art, music and photography.


“It’s basically my vision,” Eady says.  “It’s about what I see every day, but through my eyes, through a lense.”


Through Eady’s videos and blog, viewers get a sense of his lifestyle, including parties and skating. Eady also shows obstacles he faces, including the frustration that comes with trying a skate trick and failing, along with injuries and obstacles within a skater lifestyle.


“It gets hard sometimes,” comments Eady, referring to the stress of running his business. “I always keep in the back of my mind that it’s worth it.”


Though Eady is young, he hopes to quit his day job and pursue running 24 Hours full-time. Despite the difficulties that come with running a business at his age, Eady believes that it will pay off. In time, he intends to give back to the community by sponsoring local skaters and hosting events to promote his brand.

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