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Lafayette gives other bakeries a run for their money

Lafayette Bakery & Cafe has what every teenager wants: caffeine and gourmet munchies. But unlike every other coffee shop within ten miles of Carmel, Lafayette doesn’t eat your wallet as you drink their coffee.

Many a time when trying a new treat at Lafayette in The Barnyard, you may not be able to pronounce its name, you may not know what it is, but you do know you want it in your belly.IMG_20131229_075652

The true secret behind Lafayette’s success goes beyond their delectable cooking or their convenient location near The Bagel Bakery. They may not even realize it, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable to sit, enjoy a latté and listen to their wonderful French accents. Somehow it adds to the authenticity: real French people making delicious baguettes from scratch.

High quality, affordable food will bring you back one time, but impeccable customer service and friendly staff brings you back every time. In Carmel’s seemingly endless supply of overly privileged snobs, genuinely friendly, down-to-earth people are hard to find.

Lafayette isn’t just good for coffee and pastries, the ham and gravy pie is amazing! I didn’t think it was possible to get an entirely filling meal for $4.

Yet despite all else, you shouldn’t leave Lafayette without trying their baguettes. Made fresh everyday, they each cost $3.25. Come to “Happy Hour” between 5-6 p.m. and get three baguettes for $6.50. Coming in numerous sizes and flavors, these baguettes are a grand addition to any home-cooked meal.

Yet you’ve been distracted from your true focus: SWEETS. The distinguishing factor between Lafayette and other local coffee-shop-bakeries is simply the flavor of everything they bake.

The Chocolate Gaga at first glance looks like a long, twisted croissant with halfway-melted chocolate chips along its length, but at second glance is something totally different. The thin layer of custard along its length may be inconspicuous at first, but the flavor is immediately apparent. Not too crunchy on the outside or too mushy on the inside, the Chocolate Gaga is perfect with a morning latté.

Let’s face it: unless we dress for sub-zero degree temperatures, it’s pretty cold in the morning. So instead of revving the engine up on your car to try to make the heater work faster, just go to Lafayette. The bone-chilling cold you’ve had since you first left your blankets this morning will soon melt away, replaced by the blessed warmness of the ovens, hot coffee and fresh-made quiche.

Take the coffee and a raspberry snail to go, and all your classmates will stare jealously at you as you take the edge off first period grammar lessons.

Whether you just want a coffee, are super hungry and only have $4, or are craving pastries, Lafayette is an easy choice.

-Jacob Waters

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