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Justine Kitteringham has sights set on Broadway

The crowd’s murmurs fall into hushed silence as the lights dim in the theater. Twin spotlights brighten the darkness, illuminating the forbidden love story between two youths in CHS’ remake of Shakespeare’s “Merry Wives of Windsor.”download

Despite the brevity of her role, Justine Kitteringham thrives in the spotlight as she portrays one of the young lovers, Anne Page. While some run and hide from the glare of center stage, Kitteringham runs toward it with a bright smile and her dreams of one day being on Broadway.

The spotlight is nothing new to Kitteringham, who, after making the move from Canada to Carmel two years ago, has participated in all the plays and productions she can manage. With “Merry Wives of Windsor,” “The Laramie Project,” “Legally Blonde” and “Hello Dolly” under her belt, Kitteringham already has much more acting experience than the average sophomore.

However, plays are not the only experience Kitteringham has acquired over the years. She has also had a taste of professional acting. At age 12, Kitteringham was involved in an internationally shown Wonderbread commercial.

“It was really weird [to see myself on TV…]” Kitteringham admits. “But it was super cool to meet some new people and go through the process.”

The love of theater comes in different forms for different people, but for Kitteringham, it came from the power of imagination.

“Ever since I was a kid I liked to play pretend, so I guess it just comes from there,” Kitteringham says.

Spending an average of four hours a day at rehearsals during a production, Kitteringham is a true devotee to the trade, and her passion for theater is apparent among her fellow actors.

“She’s always full of energy and fun [to act with],” sophomore Kent Burns says. “She keeps people on their toes.”

Kitteringham’s talents aren’t lost on her drama teacher, Michael Jacobs.

“Justine excelling is an understatement,” Jacobs proudly reports. “She sets the bar for everybody.”

Despite her devotion to acting, Kitteringham isn’t defined by theater alone. Kitteringham is fond of anatomy and enjoys drawing and relaxing at home with a good book.

Kitteringham and her open personality are not an act either. Jacobs says the sophomore brings to mind the word positive, and she is known for her friendliness.

“Justine is the friendliest, happiest person I’ve ever met,” sophomore Dana Elazar claims. “She always has the best attitude.”

With her sights set on Broadway and with intentions of befriending everyone she meets on the way, the future for Justine Kitteringham looks as bright as her personality.

-Justine Kitteringham

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  • Congrats, no surprise to us that you would succeed at whatever you wished to do. Lots more to come we are sure.

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