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Editors welcome readers to re-discover The Sandpiper

That voice was silent last year as budget issues forced the Yearbook and Newspaper classes to combine, with the combined class only producing one complete issue of the newspaper. Yet now that voice is back, again informing all of those students, teacers and parents who had come to rely on The Sandpiper’s news.

Now that it has returned, you may be wondering to yourself, what good is a student newspaper anyway? Why not use that paper to make origami or festive toilet paper?

If you flip on the television today, odds are you are going to be watching people tell you what you want to know. No one watches Fox News to get an unbiased analysis of Obama’s presidency, and no one watches MSNBC to learn the merits of Mitt Romney.

We here at The Sandpiper are tired of being spoon-fed this garbage, so we decided to launch Sandpiper 2.0. Our mission is to not only tell you what you want to know—the scoop on the new Channing Tatum movie or the score of the football game—but also what you ought to know. It may not always be exciting, but Common Core Standards affect you just as much as Kanye, and school bonds are just as important as Beyoncé. Well, almost.

To accomplish this goal, we have recruited a skilled staff finer than the aforementioned Knowles. It is comprised of seniors, juniors, athletes and actors, but above all, our Sandpiper staff has the desire to inform and entertain you.

To do so, we will give you more news than you can handle. There will, of course, still be the paper once or twice a month, but The Sandpiper will not stop there.

Where the newspaper ends, the Internet begins. Plans are in the works to create an online portal for up-to-date coverage of events on The Sandpiper’s website. We even are trying to get into the podcast game. Contain your excitement.

The role of chief editor will be shared among not one, not two, but three qualified candidates. Josh Marcus manned the editor’s desk this issue. Carissa Redfield and Alex Burns will (wo)man the editor’s desk for October’s and November’s issues, respectively. We promise to deliver you the finest news possible to the utmost of our abilities.

We write for you, Carmel. It is great to be back, and we hope you keep us around for a few more years at least. By then The Sandpiper will probably in 3-D or something.

All of us here at The Sandpiper sincerely hope you enjoy this issue and those to follow.

-Josh Marcus

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