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Italian exchange senior hopes to make waves in U.S.

Imagine waking up one day and deciding that you want to go to high school in a different country. That is what foreign exchange student William Spinola did when he decided to leave Italy and come all the way to Carmel to go to high school.

With his parents’ permission, Spinola decided he wanted to be a part of the foreign exchange program in the beginning of 2012, and he would soon be on his way.

Arriving in the United States was not too difficult for Spinola after receiving information that he was going to be living on the beautiful coastal town of Carmel.

“I really want to go surfing,” Spinola says. “We have no big waves in Italy.”

Aside from living near the beach, food, sports and age requirements are a few more of the differences between living in Italy and the United States, and Spinola hopes to finally be able to get his license.

Spinola’s host family welcomed him with open arms when he arrived, and the connection clicked right from the start.

“My host family is really nice, and it’s been nice living with them,” Spinola says.

Will Spinola is always searching for new people to meet and never backing down from a new challenge, such as taking AP Calculus in his second language or playing a sport that he did not even have in his own country.

“The most exciting thing I’ve done so far is play football,” Spinola says with enthusiasm.

Spinola decided to take on his first challenge when he joined the football team. It took him only a matter of days to get to know just about everyone and learn how to play the game.

“Will is a very outgoing person,” junior counselor Darren Johnston says.

It was not difficult for Spinola to make new friends and quickly become that cool Italian kid around campus.

“I immediately met some people, and the people are friendly.”

And the same is thought about Will Spinola.

“William is a friendly and open person, as most Italians are, and is really great to be around,” says Alon Yoeli, one of Spinola’s newfound friends.

It is safe to say that Will Spinola has the reputation of a sociable, outgoing, caring person. And you shouldn’t be surprised if the next thing you know, he’s introducing himself to you and becoming a new friend.

– Aram Berberian

William Spinola hangs out with fellow football player Thomas Spanos.

William Spinola hangs out with fellow football player Thomas Spanos.

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