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Is Nothing Bundt Cakes really worth you dough?

Calling all stomachs! Nothing Bundt Cakes is a new bundt bakery providing affordable after-school snacks that moved into The Crossroads shopping center in December.

There are personal-sized bundts (called bundlets) for $3.99 and there are also large bundts to feed up to 26 people. Additionally, bundtinis are sold by the dozen for bite-sized treats. With nine total flavors to pick from and a new flavor on display each month, you’re not going to get bored with bundts.

After going through the torturous job of having to sample all nine flavors—woe is me—the best flavor by far is Lemon. Usually, I am not a fan of lemon cake, but after trying all flavors, I was surprised by the moist and bold lemon cake accented by the smooth cream cheese icing. It is worth the second… and tenth bite.

Cinnamon Swirl came in at a close second. Taking a bite takes me back to when I was little and eating a Hostess Crumb Cake.

Other flavors were less than impressive. Their version of a carrot cake was dry and lacking in flavor, resembling more of a spice cake than a carrot cake. The subtle flavors in the cakes were overpowered by Nothing Bundt Cakes’ signature cream cheese icing, a common problem with the bundts. The icing hides flaws that would otherwise be extremely apparent, as the cake serves merely as an excuse to eat their decadent frosting.

Other flavors you should avoid are Pecan Praline and White White Chocolate. The Pecan Praline bundt was lacking in spices, and the flavors came across almost as an afterthought. The White White Chocolate was bland, leaving me nothing bundt disappointed and searching for any taste other than icing. The bundts could use less icing overall, and a chocolate icing could really work well with some of the flavors.

The Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise started in 1977 in Las Vegas as a small bakery and has grown into a nationwide chain. If you are wondering what the difference between a bundt cake and a normal cake is—I’m no bundtologist after all—you would be able to tell the difference just by looking at them. A bundt cake is baked in a bundt pan which gives it a distinct ridged, ringed shape.

Overall, the bundts here are worth the price…and the extra calories. Just beware: once you have one bite, you will become addicted.


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