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How to make the most out of your summer vacation

DON’T succumb to Netflix! This one is going to be a major toughie, but we insist that you will regret it when your fifth day in a row of TV-show marathons comes to a close and you have no memory of how to get out of your house. Not only will Netflix bait you into its labyrinthine coils, but it intends to keep you there forever and ever. We love Netflix, we really do—it’s a saving grace sometimes—but don’t forget that when you get back to school, Michael from “The Office” is not going to be there to back you up when your friends start making fun of you for your extremely pale skin.

DO keep yourself relatively busy. We agree that for the first week of summer staying in bed and eating Nutella sounds like an excellent plan, but two months of this?! Make sure you plan a couple of daytrips with your friends in the midst of your Nutella-fest because we ensure that this will create the perfect balance between a wide-open summer and an overscheduled one. Call one of your upperclassmen friends, or just grab a buddy and head up to a Giants game at AT&TPark for some summer fun!

DON’T forget to travel! Whether it is to the other side of the pantry where your mom keeps all the healthy, dried food or the other side of the Earth, trying new things and experiencing new places will not only make your summer more fun, but it will make your break seem longer when you come home feeling like you spent an entire lifetime exploring new places.

DO hang out with a variety of people. Summer is meant for laughing, tanning and inappropriate sprinkler parties, and if you add that one kid from your English class to this equation it will only add to summer’s mystique. With the mere 800 students that attend CarmelHigh School, it’s vital that you take advantage of the opportunity at hand! Instead of staying inside watching movies with the four kids you played tetherball with, take a chance and grab coffee with a new classmate.


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