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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day single

Seeing couples together on Feb. 14 can make single people even more bitter than they already are.

One way to make Valentine’s Day even more depressing when you’re single is if you have a party like Jennifer Garner had in the movie “Valentine’s Day.” You want to make sure that if you do throw a singles-only party, someone’s one true love doesn’t come and ruin it.

When spending Valentine’s Day alone, make sure to not invite anyone with a significant other. They will be texting them all night, and they will subtly hint that they’d rather be with their significant other and not with you.

If going to a restaurant seems like the ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, don’t go to fancy restaurants like Il Fornaio or Lalla Grill. Go to McDonald’s and enjoy the fact that you get to eat however much you want and whatever you want without someone judging you.

Take-out is another viable option. Eating Chinese food when you’re sad always lightens the mood. Seeing all of the happy couples eating and laughing together is enough to make a happy single person become bitter in half a second.

To complete the perfect Valentine’s Day single, the fridge has to be stocked with soda, the pantry filled with junk food and the freezer stuffed with ice cream.

There are so many clichéd movies where the guy gets the girl, just like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “Ice Princess.” Don’t watch these, for they can only make a single person more depressed.

Instead, watch scary movies like “Valentine” or funny movies about breakups like “The Break-Up.” That way, when the main character dies or gets their heart broken and plunges deep into depression, you know that they are way worse off than you.

One fun game to play on Valentine’s Day is darts. You get a picture of a hot guy, or a guy that broke your heart, and you tape him to the board. All the girls take turns throwing darts at his face. Once all the pictures are defaced, you move on and eat more and drink more.

This Valentine’s Day, there’s a new movie coming out called “How to be Single.” It stars Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Alison Brie and Dakota Johnson. It’s all about how to live your life to the fullest as a single woman.

So, for all the single women out there, if you are spending Valentine’s Day alone, this is a great movie to take a couple of friends to.

-Kim Burns


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