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Published Sept. 5, 2023


Gianna Halton has always had a passion for helping others. This year, she is taking over the position of CUSD’s district nurse and looking to make a difference in the district’s healthcare.

After starting her career as a licensed vocational nurse for six years at Salinas Union School District and falling in love with the setting, Halton decided to become a registered nurse.

Gianna Halton. (photo by SARA EYJOLFSDOTTIR)

“Once this opportunity came, I jumped right on it,” says Halton, who transferred to Monterey Peninsula Unified School District four years ago as an RN. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Carmel Unified School District.”

Halton will be filling the shoes of former district nurse Debbie Taylor, who retired last year to travel abroad. As the new district nurse, Halton will be at the helm of all nursing throughout CUSD, but she is in no way intimidated by the big adjustment.

For now, Halton is looking forward to continuing to provide strong healthcare services that staff and students can depend on.

“I love a good challenge,” Halton says, “and I feel like I can make a big impact at least in the healthcare part of things.”

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