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Fantasy football season shreds dreams and ACL

It was the best of times, it was the worst times. As the countdown clock on NFL RedZone hit zero, you finally had faith that 2015 was the year for your fantasy football team to bring you stardom.

Finally, you had managed a respectable draft: Dez Bryant at the helm of your receiving corps, Ben Roethlisberger as your quarterback and C.J. Anderson bolstering your running back position. You even managed to trade your buddy Jamaal Charles for some Fleetwood Mac tickets. Nothing could hold your team back from taking it all this year.

Fast forward to Week 7. Bryant is getting stem cell injections to heal his injured foot; Roethlisberger has looked great on the sideline nursing an MCL sprain; Anderson is averaging an impressive 30 yards per game; and Charles sits at home pressing assault charges against a ghost.

If you didn’t know it in Week 1, you certainly know now—Tom Brady and the Patriots mean business…and business is booming.

Everybody expected Rob Gronkowski to continue imposing his will on the NFL, but those who placed faith in Julian Edelman saw their devotion seriously rewarded. Considering the dominance of the Patriots’ offense, it’s no surprise that Dion Lewis–better known as “Who?”–emerged from the AFC East juggernaut as one of the fantasy steals of the season.

While the outbreaks of some fantasy gods were foreseeable, others came as a complete surprise. Maybe you really did have a hunch that Devonta Freeman and Chris Ivory would be headlining fantasy scoreboards, but I’m guessing that’s just something you tell your cousins.

I don’t know what’s in their Gatorade, but Larry Fitzgerald, James Jones and Steve Smith Sr. have all mustered enough strength to tear up the turf like they just got their first Social Security check. Sure, they missed a few games due to bingo tournaments, but these players have been reliable starters.

So maybe these past six weeks just haven’t been for you. Well, Week 7 is the time to turn your fantasy season around.

At this point in the season, the waiver wire may look like a barren wasteland filled with the likes of Matt Cassel, but some diamonds in the rough may still be lurking.

After a breakout Week 6, it’s safe to assume that Stefon Diggs is the player to have in Minnesota. The rookie has solid chemistry with Teddy Bridgewater and is a must-add in all leagues.

For whatever reason the Packers are lightening the workload of Eddie Lacy, and James Starks is stepping it up.

Similarly, it looks like Ronnie Hillman is taking over the murky Denver backfield. While neither back is completely dominating, they are both valuable stashes.

Maybe your fantasy season hasn’t panned out so far. Sure, you took C.J. Anderson at ninth overall, but look on the bright side: I hear there’s a Ben and Jerry’s sale at Safeway.
-Zac File


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